Cargo Transportation

For over 70 years, Carolina Tank Lines has been an elite driving force, providing efficient and reliable cargo transport services across the nation! Our decades of knowledge and experience has equipped us to work with a variety of manufacturers, including food, pharmaceutical, and lab supply. No matter the industry or material, we’re here to serve you and all your transportation needs!

Refrigerated Freight

From foods to medication, many materials and products require temperature-regulated transportation. Carolina Tank Lines specializes in refrigerator freight services, and offers a unique combination of equipment and expertise to ensure temperature-controlled efficiency throughout the duration of your shipment. Whether you require a frozen or chilled freight, trust Carolina Tank Lines for state-of-the-art refrigerated shipping!

Dry Van Freight

The most common type of shipping trailer is a dry van freight, as they accommodate a wide range of shipments. From large pallets to numerous boxes of cargo, dry van freights are a versatile and ideal choice for many industries, providing convenience and quick efficiency. If your shipment doesn’t require climate alterations, dry van shipping is your best option—just reach out to Carolina Tank Lines to learn more!

HazMat Freight

Hazardous materials require a high degree of expertise to ensure all products, and the individuals who handle them, remain safe and protected. Carolina Tank Lines is experienced in transporting hazardous materials and offers specialized equipment, drivers, and fleets to ensure a successful shipment. Whether chemicals, gases, or other materials, trust Carolina Tank Lines to carefully handle and deliver your hazmat freight!

Trust Carolina Tank Lines to carefully handle and deliver your freight!

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